So I’m back with another beat of the day look. This time I thought I would play around with some more colours, I was inspired by a few looks by ellarie and wanted to do my own take on it. If you know me, I’m actually not big on pink at all, but you know what, sometimes you have to come out of your comfort zone. Looking back at these images, I really wish I would have dug out my pink lippie to really complete this look instead of my signature lip brown – nude combo but oh well..!  The eyes were produced with three main colours, a beautiful deep purple shade  on the brow bone from the Sleek palette, then a gorgeous deep pink also from sleek just underneath it. A burnt orange pink covers the lid which is from the mac (star violet). I do like how it came out, I’ll probably recreate this look even better in a few moths or so 😀

Foundation: Estee Lauder  Double Wear – Pecan, Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick: Cool Espresso (used for contour)

Concealer: : LA girl Pro Concealer – Toffee & Espresso

Setting Powder: Ben Nye Banana Powder

Face Powder: Mac Mineralise finish in Dark Deep

Lips: Mac Chestnut, Nicka K New York True Matte Lipgloss in Santa Fe

Eyebrows: Mac Burgundy Times nine Palette (Quarry, Haux, Embark), Sleek Palette

Blush: Mac Raizin

Highlighter: Becca: Champagne Pop





Hi Guys!

So after going through my make up bag during the weekend,  It dawned on me that over the years I have collected palettes I have never ever ever used. Like seriously, I am so quick to watch YouTube videos then run out to the stores and purchase the newest best thing. But then when it get home, it just ends up on the shelf collecting dust like the rest of them. So as I sat admiring the colours I thought, why not challenge myself to create a new look everyday for the rest of the week? So alas, here I am with my BOTD (Beat Of The Day) challenge, 7 days of new looks to inspire myself and brush up on my  ‘on fleek’ skills. I will be posting each look over the next 2 weeks inbetween my other posts.

I’m kicking it all off with this blue and purple sort of galaxy look. I actually never intended to use purple, but thanks to the left over colour from my blending brush (oops) this interesting look accidentally came about. I must say, I do like the outcome. I really am still an amateur when it comes to eye makeup and I’m just enjoying learning and creating. And you know what, it would be nice to look back in a years  time to see how much I’ve improved!

So there it is guys, Monday Blues.  Why not challenge yourself to do something new or perhaps something you have been putting off for a while, it makes it fun! xox






So after a tons of research and reviews, a few weeks ago I purchased the Sony A5100 to improve the quality of my images on my social media channels and blog.Although it’s too soon for a review, I’d like to go through the general specs just in case someone else is also camera shopping and needs a few information on this one! Camera shopping can be stressful, and with the prices of these high end cameras nowadays, it does serve well to take your time to make sure your camera is right for you. Here are the top five things about this camera (in general terms) that made go for this gem,

  1. Simplicity.

I’ve only ever owned one other camera, a small portable sumsung, over 5 years ago! I needed something to help me transition into the photography and dsr/dslr camera world. The A5100 was a perfect option to allow me to learn about the technical side and new terms of photography (lots to learn) without too much complication, and still produce images of the highest quality, 24.3MP (f0r now, I use the auto mode) Slowly but surely I will be able to use some of it’s manual settings and make the most of what this beauty has to offer. It is light weight and easy for me to carry along on the move. Finally I found it be a brilliant introduction to intechangable camera lenses,

2. Wifi

It used to take me for ever to connect my camera to my laptop, and all transfer the images. I love the fact that the A5100 has built in wifi and saves me the hassle of using my mac book. I can literally take a picture and have it on Instagram in seconds now.

3. AutoFocus

One of the most important aspects for me when choosing a camera was it’s ability to autofocus for pictures and videos. The Sony A5100 features 4D focus which allows superior autofocus performance in 4 dimension. Perfect for those spontaneous quick pictures.

4. HD Movies

The sony A5100 has been popular amongst bloggers for it’s HD Video feature. It’s precision and sharp details and pretty decent microphone make for excellent High Defnifintion videos and

5. 180 degrees LCD Screen

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, is the LCD camera that can be tilted for that infamous selfie! I plan to take my own pictures most of the time, being able to see myself on the screen is essential if I have the chance of producing a  half decent picture.

So there it is, a few things I love about this camera. In the coming weeks I will be testing, learning and practicing some photography skills. By the beginning of the year hopefully I’ll be able to give an accurate review on this camera. Although there are already tons of information on the Sony A5100, hopefully I was able to summarise it in a useful way for someone out there.


The Cameron Camouflage Pointed Toe Ankle Boots


I’ve had my eye on these bad boys for a little while, but couldn’t quite get my hands on it as they were out of stock. Now that they have finally arrived, I have million and one outfits in mind I just can’t wait to put together. They truly are as beautiful as they look.  With a suede textured feel, it’s spandex material fits snuggly around your ankles. I love the heels on these pair, chunky, light and my ideal comfortable heel size (4 inches).  It really doesn’t get better the cute and comfy, I think I might need to take two…

These shoes are available from and retail at £40, – click for a direct link.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in the past few years it’s this one thing. In life there is no finish line – except for that one line we will all ultimately arrive at. Success is not destination, but a journey and the sooner you realise, the better you’ll be.

Indeed it took me some time to figure it out, each goal I set out, I pressured myself to out do my competitors , sprinting ahead to the finish line in record time, comprising the quality of my work in an effort to get ahead. Often I would look back through my diary, tracking how well I performed, and daunted by how far I still have to go.

The day I finally came to terms with the fact that I was my actually own competitor, it was like a huge weight had been lifted of my shoulders, I was free. No longer did I have anything to prove. To anyone. No longer did I feel the need to compare my progress with societies confused definition of  growth. I stopped keeping tabs with past performances and took it just day by day.I set out to be the best and do the best, for that very day. Eventually I began to enjoy the journey, it was no long a chore, no more daunting thoughts on the laps left to be completed.  I could appreciate the scenery, stop and smell the flowers, admire the sun that tirelessly lit my way.

I made it my mission to carry on moving forward,on my chosen path consistently. gracefully and gratefully. The path is not supposed to be easy, and each challenge is really just an opportunity for growth. Take obstacles at they come, deal with them in a efficient  and effective manor. Keep calm, and carry on.

Yesterday was yesterday and tomorrow is tomorrow. Keep your focus on a the present day, beaming with new beginnings and endless possibilities. Make it your goal to use what you have to the best of your ability, and don’t look back except for improvement. Keep on climbing and striving to greatness and look back only, to admire how far you’ve come.