So this was the last image taken for the shoot, literally 3 minutes before it began to pour (Trust London ehn) but we managed to get a few shots by this popular graffiti walk (Brick Lane) just In time.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to post this image to begin with. Since I was at the end of a long day, I had become impatient due to the cold, sore feet, and hunger! In addition to this being my own worst critic, I can’t help but to dissect everything and I figure out a dozen things I’d quite like to change.

 However, despite the room for great improvement, somewhere, deep deep down (lol) I’m proud of myself. Yep! Just the fact that I’m finally walking towards a goal I used to just think about, made me joyous. I realised this is all part of the evolution of myself and journey, a place I can work on myself and give proof of my growth and glow up! ( yaas to that). There’s always a level 1, but unless you work through it patiently and consistently, you will never get any higher. So bring it on. Everyday I add or change something. Little moves big differences – Watch. Me, Grow.

 In just under a year from now,  I would have completely reinvented the wheel. I will be more creative. I will be more fearless. I will be unapologetic. I would have touched Just the tip of the iceberg.


Ensemble –

Hey happy people,

So I think it’s about time I write a little post on skincare and this magical little face cleanser I’ve been using for the past few months. I first purchased the ‘spin for perfect skin’ cleanser around Christmas time last year, and thanks to a typo in my address, did not receive it for about 6 weeks. Although it most definitely could have been sorted out in less time, customer service was great and I was sent a replacement immediately as soon as the issue was identified.

Prior to purchasing the cleanser, I had been eyeing it up for some time as I so desperately needed to upgrade my skin care routine (post coming soon!) In fact, a few weeks before ordering I had ordered a very cheap small and slightly shaky alternative from amazon just to hold me up in the meantime.

Initially I was torn between Vanity Planet and the very popular Clarasonic, but after many reviews, I settled for the cheaper option. What drew me to this model was the large exfoliating body brush that would be perfect for my full body weekly message’s. The pumice stone was also a great alternative to have for those much needed foot scrub we so often forget. Then of course, there are the exfoliating face brush and cleaning brush for a less harsh option that can be used day to day.

Vanity Planet1I was absolutely delighted with my skin care system when it arrived and put it into practice immediately! Now, my skin has always been pretty oily, especially around my T zone, thus I have acne prone skin and I’m susceptible to blemishes. Quite recently, I have experienced some dryer patches on my face, but I’d put this down to crazy London weather changes and most probably over exfoliation. I was convinced that an electronic face cleanser would allow my face cleanser to penetrate deeper into my pores and clearing my skin, and was the ultimate answer to a oily girls prayers.

I first tested the cleaner with the exfoliating brush, and indeed the results were immediate. I could literally feel my skin was more open, refreshed and clean. I’d compare it to that moment you have a lozenge after a long blocked nose, and your airways finally begin to clear, relief! I also enjoyed the smoothness of my skin and the squeaky clean feeling it left me with. I usually despise doing the whole face cleaning routine thing (and it showed, ha!) but i strangely enjoyed this new technique. I kept this up daily for the next 3 weeks, however, to my surprise my skin hadn’t changed that dramatically, if not, worsened.

A few google searches later, I concluded this was an effect of the “Purge Period’, the term used to describe the period which the deeper layers of the skin gets a thorough cleanse and subsequently bringing up dirt and  bacteria to the surface. During this time, its easy to become discouraged as it may begin to seem counter productive, however there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I’m glad to say this ugly phrase lasted for just under a month and then, I was able to enjoy beautiful clearer skin. Although it’s still far from perfect, my skin has remained predictable and compliant, something that I have never experienced until now.

If you are considering whether to go for an electronic brush, make sure you do your research as to whether it would be worth it for you. There are huge advantages, but of course a fair amount of disadvantages.There are many to choose from nowadays, to fit all budgets, so shopping around for one that fits your needs is a must and shouldn’t be difficult. I personally, am glad I did purchase it and would recommend it to anyone who thinks their skin care regime needs a boost! xoxo




One lesson that has weaved itself in my everyday life lately, is, if something is worth doing it, its best do it right or not all. Sometimes we convince ourselves that because we’ve attempted the work, half assed,  we deserve to obtain the same results as those who gave everything they have. However, if we don’t give every bit of ourselves,  we’ve essentially wasted part of the effort . Obviously, your best may not always be attainable, and that’s okay. Other times  your best may not quite yet be what you want it to, but as long as we give a bit extra each time, we surely put ourselves in a better position, to achieve and succeed.

Jacket – Zara

Turtle Neck – PrettyLittleThing

Jeans – GStar

Thigh High Boots – Public Desire



On Friday night, (well technically Saturday morning) I was scrolling through Instagram as per usual at 3am (yes, don’t ask), watching hilarious videos and spying on a few stories. I so happened to go past Cassandra Lokko’s feed and saw that she mentioned there were 5 more added tickets left for a sold out event that was actually later on that day. Wait, what? Was my first thought, what have I missed??

I first learned about the Lokko’s after their wedding video went viral (like many others) and from then on I followed them on social media and regularly watched their vlogs via YouTube. (This is the part you google (Karl Lokko if you haven’t heard of him yet.) I had already seen Karl Lokko at an event a little while ago last year which also featured Karen Civil, someone I look up to, so I definetely knew the event was destined to be a great one.

S0, a quick link brought me to eventbrite where the event was titled “LokkedIn: To your full potential, Goals and Visions Afternoon”. This was totally my kind of event, and lucky enough the extra 5 tickets were still available. The event description stated it would help you learn how to unlock your full potential and shape your future with your destiny. I loved the idea of it, but not so enthusiastic about the £35 ticket at first. Upon further inquest, I realised that proceedings  would be donated to charity, giving me more of a reason to attend. Although I would have only a few hours sleep and had to cancel a few plans, I decided even if I learn just one thing, it’ll be worth it, and boy am I glad I went!

The Event took place at 11am in Brixton, South London. We were given gift bags upon entering which contained a book called The Five Minute Journal by Alex & Mimi Ikonn,  (again, google is your friend) which I thought was fantastic!,  along with a pen and note book, a drink, sweet and popcorn, how thoughtful! The Event was hosted by Karl’s cousin (pictured), an aspiring host and radio personality and was led by both Karl and Cassandra who took it in turns to speak. The atmosphere was warm, friendly with a great energy of people ready to engage and absorb some the knowledge that was about to be dropped on how to Reconfigure our lives. I really enjoyed the couples charisma and humour, that really held my attention for the duration of the event.

I myself sat on the front row with my paper and pen, and eagerly took some notes on the things I connected to and felt I needed to put to action in my daily life. Here are four points that really stood out for me.

  1. You Have Everything You Need

We were all born with the potential of success already within us. Whenever you feel the need to blame your environment, family, friends or situation, remember that you already possess what you need to get to where you want. Start with what you have. Stop waiting for your ideal perfect moment, its all in your mind. The opportunity is there, so take it!

2. You Validate Things 

Only you decide what is worth it and what is not. Do not validate excuses, stick to your words and promises and do not let mediociry  threaten your greatness. Push yourself until others are forced find the excuses for you.

3. The Voice In Your Head Can Be Tamed

The voice can will be controlled! The voice that doubts, that instills fear, that wants you to stop and tells you your not good enough. The solution is to ignore it and keeping fighting, keeping steadily moving forwards, and just when you feel you have nothing left, you are only halfway. Sooner or later the voice grows tired, and your are left with silence, but you must keep it moving.

4. The Power Of The Tongue – Affirmations Are Key

Speaking and declaring things upon yourself is a  to success. You must be able to see yourself somewhere before it happens in reality. Imagine, feel and be grateful for it. Repeat it to yourself until you have absolute no shadow of a doubt on what you want and who you are. Protect it and chase away snakes that try to threaten it.


(Karl and Cassandra Pictured)

This year lets try to reconfigure ourselves. First we must receive information, and then use information. As long as we are consistent, believe and keep out goals in view, great things are bound to happen.

There’ll be lots more events coming from me on the blog, as this year I plan to network more and do some major growing. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this one, till next time!





















Today I was inspired by a special person to talk about ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ and our personal meanings we associate with it.


By definition, we all believe we have a suitable meaning to the word, most of us will automatically think something like ‘happy’ or ‘joy’, but what really is happiness to you? Quite recently a series of events  caused me to question my own definition of the word. I needed to give it a meaning that was unique to me instead of the generic term that left me rather unsatisfied. I had so many questions I have never really asked myself before.

Is happiness a journey or more of a destination? Can Happiness be shared equally? What determines how long it lasts for.. or doesn’t it? I felt like I need to conduct a little research and allow myself some time to think about what I wanted happiness to mean to me. Should happiness be wrapped around in all sorts of things, or perhaps be equally shared between a few important ones? Surely true happiness doesn’t bounce like a yo-yo, but rather should be constant and unwavering.

So, after a little snoop online, findings from my research determined that;

” A “happy person” experiences the spectrum of emotions just like anybody else, but the frequency by which they experience the negative ones may differ. It could be that “happy people” don’t experience as much negative emotion because they process it differently or they may find meaning in a way others have not. In fact, using the phrase “happy person” is probably incorrect because it assumes that they are naturally happy or that positive things happen to them more often. Nobody is immune to life’s stressors, but the question is whether you see those stressors as moments of opposition or moments of opportunity.” –

The passage led me believe that happiness is actually maybe really just an attitude, and it’s up to us how we decide to perceive things. We have a choice to see things as an opposition an opportunity, after all, Mr Happy (the yellow smiley face cartoon) is just a fictional character. But, does maintaing  a positive attitude really bring happiness overall?

I think the fundamentals of this are true, we have the power to decide what we allow to have power over us. But ultimately, you must still decide on your own, where do you seek your strength and inspiration when your own will power and drive fails, what makes you smile when things around you seem to crumble and fall apart. Having a clear idea is a useful tool for self development and growth.

After more thought, I finally jotted down a few things that I felt summed up happiness for me in a nutshell. Here goes;


Happiness is.. Excepting and loving who I am unconditionally.

Happiness is.. steadily striving towards my own potential and greatness.

Happiness is.. knowing my creator has a plan for me, and knowing he will never let me down.

Happiness is.. Giving back to those in need.

Happiness is.. being honest with what I want and being okay with it.

Happiness is.. maintaining a positive attitude and looking for opportunities in life’s daily challenges.


Your happiness should never be put into people or objects, but rather a higher being/spirit if you are religious,and yourself. I also choose to believe that happiness is not a destination, but a lifestyle that needs to be practiced regularly, better yet daily, just like exercise for the body. I challenge everyone to sit and write a few sentences to your own definition of what happiness is to you.