Hey Beautiful Peopleeeee,

So, I was thinking recently, how do I elevate my self to the next level? Then almost immediately the thoughts of what I could be doing was replaced with thoughts of what I ‘should’ be doing and why I couldn’t possibly do the first part. Uncertainty and doubts creep in, and it’s a common thought process for many of us.

One of the major enemies of growth is most definitely caring too much about the opinions of others. Imagine all the things we would have achieved if we didn’t have to worry about our image. Surely we’d live happier lives. Its sad that we often think about what things would look like to others, even before realising what we actually want in the first place. Ive done this myself several times, and it’s extremely detrimental to happiness and success.

It’s pretty evident to me that the people who live the most fulfilling  lives are often the ones that are fearless & unapologetic to people’s thoughts & opinions. The ones that have figured out how to let bullshit just glide off their backs like baby oil, and proceed with whatever they were gonna do anyway. I mean just look at the celebrities, they’re obviously forced to hone the skill daily. Certain people (*cough*  Bow wow) take L’s everyday (and counting) and still has the bulls to carry on where he left off. Unbothered.

I certainly wish I knew that formula, or get my hands on what ever he’s on. But for those of us who will never know, I thought compiling a little list would be beneficial in helping us take steps towards the right direction.

1. Build your confidence and self esteem. Probably the most single important thing. Self love and self esteem is absolutely paramount in the harsh world we live in. Once you are certain of who you are, what you stand for and what you want, no one can tell you nada.

2. Do things out of your comfort zone. Putting yourself out there in a very critical world  is terrifying but its fastest the only way to develop a thick skin. People are harsh, ignorant and just plain stupid. Its a cruel world. Start small by doing something like starting conversation with strangers, then graduate to vlogging in public or posting a video on a controversial subject. Sooner or later, you would have developed or gotten used to unsolicited comments and maybe even be able to just laugh about it.

3. Remember opinions are not fact.  Their thoughts, their business not yours. Stick to your truth and keep it moving.

4. Put your energy and attention into your own journey & goals. When your mind is focused on your vision, everything else becomes irrelevant. Protect your dream, and be quick to cut off poisonous people, thoughts or other influences. Always stay gracious best revenge is your paperrr.

5. Do as you please without hurting anyone. If you can’t please yourself, who will? If your not getting in anyone’s way, their issue is really with themselves. Proceed.

6.  Gratitude is the winning attitude. Reminding yourself of how blessed you are makes other issues  so insignificant.

7.  Turn fire into fuel. Figure out how to transfer negative emotions into energy that’ll drive you towards your goals.

8.  Surround yourself with a great team. Develop a strong network of people to remind you how amazing you for the days when amnesia temporarily strikes you.

9. Give & help others once in a while. Enriching the lives of others will always make you feel great.

10.  Finally, If in doubt, ask yourself whichever applies :-

– do I actually value their opinion?

– what’s the worst that can happen?

– will it matter in 2 years?

Will you die???

If the answer is no/none, MOVE ON. I always say, if it doesn’t make me happy, make me better or make me money, then  umm, it ain’t for me, next.

and that’s it! Hopefully this has reached someone who needed it, I’ll definitely have to read back from time to time to remind myself how to be a baddass.

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So a few weeks ago I celebrated my birthday (20th April 🎉🎊🎈🥂) over the weekend with family & friends. Although I feel old as hell, I’m so blessed! It’s hard to not be grateful for everything when you realise that many have not been fortunate enough to reach your age. Life is the ultimate  gift – nothing else needed! My  Saturday night was spent dancing the night away, sipping a little too much wine & crying of laughter. In true Cerra fashion, I completely forgot to take a picture of my birthday outfit before the mad dash out the front door! I did however, capture my make up look, created by the lovely @neonvelvet (check her out on instagram!). We went for a gold smoked eye and a red lip. 

Today’s T shirt which I absolutely love is from happytorso and very fitting!  Happy Torso offer exclusive hand made pieces. Items are made in-house and a limited amount are made at a time. This is why it’s recommended you purchase  as soon as they become available – they may not be made again. 

I’m wearing ‘the 4 G’s’, God, Goals, Growing & Glowing. my EXACT mindset as I step into this new chapter in my life. As a Christian, I Plan to really strengthen my relationship with God, be selfish and focus on my goals, grow in all areas of my life all while glowing & slayyying! You can’t go wrong with this formula & I can’t wait to see where God takes me next year. Whereever it is, your girl is ready * 2 snaps* 

Click the link to check them out for other cool designs and follow them on instagram @itshappytorso ! 

Today’s title is actually inspired by a little girl who saw me, tugged her father and exclaimed “daddy, why would you wear shorts in the cold?” I just about fell laughing by the accuracy ! Truth is, it was sunny but chilly as hell, you know that London breeze? Yeahhh. Sunshine doesn’t always equal heat, a lesson for the books. Let me just say London bloggers are the real MVP’s, Let’s be honest!

This outfit is all NewLook with an appearance from the solesovereign Adidas Superstars Glitter Edition, yaaaas! Good thing it ain’t gotta be sunny to shimmer & shine :p

I just love spring! It’s my favourite season right after summer (cause nothing beats the heat!).  I adore the beauty of the flowers, the fragrance in the air, the sunshine that kisses us, and the music from the birds that decorate the city. As a spring baby, this season also reminds me of coming full circle with another year of life. It forces me to appreciate the beauty & the importance of seasons, the need for rain and the joys of the sunshine. May we always appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.