2018 – Obsession For Progression

Happy New Year!

We’re almost two weeks into the year and I’m only just writing my first post. I’ve been working to ensure this year is set up properly, and now I finally have it in place. Today I’m sharing some tips to helping you make 2018 a positive and eventful year.

So I’ve got this new thing with adding titles to my year, kinda like a chapter in a book as a way of recording growth. It would be amazing to just look back years later and be able to have an account of yearly life changes and achievements in a few years from now. 2017 saw me through some changes  (started a new job, joined the single life, set up the blog youtube channel). It was was a year of opening my mind to new thoughts, feelings and experiences. It was also a year of self awareness, self expression and self love (I married myself, read last post!) thus, I decided to call it ‘2017: THE DECLARATION OF RECLAMATION’ 2018 is dedication to accelerated learning and growth. I’m about to squeeze in 2 years worth of work in the space of 1 and put myself on a diligent schedule therefore I’ve decided to dub this year 2018: ‘OBSESSION FOR PROGRESSION’

I think I mentioned before that I don’t do the whole new year ‘ya-da da-da’ resolution thing but I have indeed goals and plans I set out to achieve in 2018. I’ve made a conscience decision to exercise Discipline, Self motivation and Consistency this year (and thereafter), as these are important skills that I must master to progress onto the next stage in my life. ‘Obsession of Progression’ literally revolves around these 3 skills. It’s about pushing myself to complete tasks no matter the mood, learning how to keep myself motivated by identifying when my moral and energy is low and knowing how to raise it and finally, organisation and forcing myself into a well established routine so I know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it.

“Sooo..exactly how do you plan on achieve this then”? good question, I’m glad you asked. These are the steps I’m taking to ensure I stick to the script for a successful 2018.

  1. Every year I write two virtual letter’s to myself via FutureMe dated for mid year and end of the year. If you don’t know what the site is about I’m about to put you on! Ever since I came across it in a magazine about 5 years ago it’s been a permanent thing of mine. You basically write a letter to yourself (or whoever) and future me emails it back to you on your desired date – be it the next day, next year or 10 years from now. As soon I write them I completely forget all about it, so it’s always a nice surprise getting a message from younger you. I use this to inspire myself and track goals, it’s a powerful tool ya’ll.
  2. Get your self a bomb ass diary, meaning something that you’ll enjoy using and helps you organise yourself. I use the PassionPlanner to plan my daily tasks and goals.

  3. I’ll spending a lot more time praying, focusing on my communication with God, strengthening my spirituality and using the law of attraction. Here it is in a nutshell;
  • Intense Desire
  • Imagination and Conceptualization
  • Affirmation
  • Focus and Confidence
  • Profound Believe
  • Gratitude
  • Manifestation


4.  Spending more time alone for reflection and evaluation. On Sunday’s I’ll often allocate an hour for evaluating the week. I’ll identify what I did well in, what didn’t go so well, and most importantly, how to improve the following week.

5. Network and socialise – “If you want to go quickly go alone, If you want to go far, go together”. There’s only so much one can achieve alone, it’s team work that really allows you to reach new potential. To grow rapidly, meeting new people in your field can be an amazing tool and also great for making possible longeterm friendships. I’m currently reading an excellent popular book titled “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie, I suggest reading this if your like me, not a very social person or you’d like to improve your conversational skills.

That summaries today’s post, hopefully you can take something out of it and implement it in your own day to day life. What steps are you making to ensure your year is successful?

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