I’ve been going through some changes…

Hey ya’ll,

So I’ve been going through some changes lately. Personal developments, relationships, work and goals, the whole lot. I’m growing in area’s of life, and today I wanna share three of them. This gonna be a little lengthy so grab some tea, maybe wine??


First of all, I started consuming a plant based diet round of applause) six weeks ago. I finally got so sick of poisoning my body with this man made trash we call food. I already adopted a no chemical policy when it comes to my skin and hair (shea butter, argan oil and coconut oil) a while back and it was just an amount of time until I finally turn it into a lifestyle. I was ready to go cold turkey and go all the way vegan, however I eventually decided slow and steady is a better idea then rushing into something and not chickening out (pun intended) sooner.  Instead I opted for completely replacing cow milk with almond milk, and ensuring I only eat 100% organic eggs.  Originally I challenged myself to become vegetarian for 3 months and if i liked the effects enough, I’d make it a life change. However, I didn’t even need that long to see and enjoy it’s effects.

What kick started me into vegetarianism was when I watched a documentary suggested on Netflix by someone I was talking to. I believe the video is called “What The Health” that examines the link between food and disease. To be honest, most of us are already aware of the link between the two but watching the documentary was a real in your face eye opener to the meat business as well as the healthcare industry. It also provides an excellent point of reference to conduct your own research and look into all the facts. I’m gonna avoid going into to much details and bore you to death but I highly suggest that you watch it.

The first few weeks was a little bit of struggle, especially with trying to figure out what the hell I’m supposed to eat! The craving for meat slowly diminished throughout the weeks once I got myself sorted out. I did a lot of researching into different recipes and make sure I can still consume complete meal high in protein to compliment my gym work outs. I started meal prepping my food at the end of the week to avoid temptations on my commute to work.  I snack on fruit, nuts all day and completely cut out processed food. I managed to increase my water intake to 2-3 litres daily and altered my gym workouts to make the most of my eating habits. Needless to say I feel flipping amazing. Mentally, physically, emotionally it’s the best place I’ve been.


To my damn self. Like legit. I wrote vowels, memorised and got a ring to seal the deal. I repeat them to myself every so often. I committed to my happiness and making every choice work to my favour. I fell in love with my smile, my laugh, my half dimple that I rarely notice. I take myself on little dates and figured out what I cant stand and what truly makes my heart burst. Ive explored every corner of my inquisitive mind and dived into the depth of my fluid spirit. I remind myself how fearless I am and compliment myself every time I see my reflection. I challenged my self to live fearlessly, unapologetically and passionately for me. I pointed out every imperfection and fell in love with it and encouraged myself to work on the flaws of my personality. Im so obsessed with myself right now, and it’s so perfect.

In a way I feel a little bad for my future husband. He wont be able to beat this kinda love but he sure has hell gotta strive to match it.


So at the end of august I started a You Tube Channel for my son Foday. He’s been asking me for a while to make fun cool videos and after a little while, I thought, why not. After weighing the pro’s and cons, I figured out this could potentially be a great set up for him in the future. He’s s passionate and creative, always suggested a new way of doing something I couldn’t have come up with He’s learning the importance of hard work, discipline and consistently early on, real life lessons. Each week we go through video’s, look for areas of improvement and try to out do our last video. He’s grasping the idea of self motivation, vision and focus. He gets why practice and patience is essential. There’s still a gap for what he’s into and younger kids are one of the most profitable categories on you tube (did my research!) The lessons he gaining and fun he’s having is definitely amazing enough, but for him to  be able to profit financially from this would set him self up in an amazing way in the future. After testing the waters, next year were shooting big! We have lots of ideas lined up and cant wait to see where it takes him this time next  year. Check his youtube channel out – @GameWithDay

Obviously I’ve had my channel for a year now, but only really started to do video’s about 5/6 month ago. I have to say I’m quite impressed that I’ve managed to clock even 1000 views on my videos lol Even though they are quite far and in between I genuinely have a lot of fun filming them. Discipline and consistently have always been areas that I struggle in so my biggest challenge next year is keeping it up. I have tons of great ideas, it’s just really about getting my ass to record and organise myself.  Im also slowly carving myself a little niche, and although I love doing make up video’s, trying to avoid doing them too often as there’s already enough of them going on. Im steering more in the direction of  self development, pranks and fun and lifestyle, and vlogs, all with my little personal spin. Follow me if you don’t already @CerraCinna

My little brand SoleSovereign will be launching for the last time in January! I have clearer direction and as determined as ever to achieve every one of my goals for this year. We have a new logo, fresh ideas, and lots of vision. Im doing tons of research, a whole lot of painting, and have every T shirt I own  sprinkled with a pinch of glitter. As annoying as it is, as long as I stay shining I’m gooood. I’ll do a whole separate post on the launch and new sneakers very soon, Until then,  Follow us on Instagram @solesovereign

Well that’s it, my currently updates. I can’t believe this year has already come to an end, I think I must also be approaching or just past my first year of this blog too. I’m super excited for what’s to come, and I’ll be working diligently to get everything to come together just as I have seen it. The real struggle I find is trying to keep up with social media while trying to juggle everything else. I’ll get it right though, that’s my word.

See you in my next post x


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