Halloween 2017

Last month I attending my first ‘fancy dress’ halloween party ever. As crazy as it sounds considering I have lived my whole life as a Londoner, I’ve never trick or treated (which I don’t regret) or dressed up in the name of halloween (or anything else as a matter of fact). My only explanation  aside the fact that I’m a christian is that I never had the desire to until recently. I think the opportunity to wear something I wouldn’t have the opportunity to otherwise is probably what became appealing to me. After watching several halloween make up tutorials year after year, I was excited to try something out of my comfort zone, get creative, and use some new products I wouldn’t have used otherwise.

I knew exactly what I wanted to dress up as a few months prior to halloween. I’m not really keen on those ready made generic outfits, to me it takes away the fun. I had to opt for something more original, although I know it’s been done a fair number of times, but add my own twist on it. The botched plastic surgery look was fun to create yet pretty simple and straight forward to achieve. I got the inspiration for my ‘surgery markings’ from a few videos on youtube and trialled it a few weeks ahead. I found that the best product to create this was liquid eyeliner as oppose to a gel liner. In hindsight I would have opted for one with a smaller brush as the thickness made it hard to create precise lines.


The trial Look!

So to begin, I completed my usual makeup,  no eye shadow. and although I was tempted, kept it simple with a winged eye liner. I then went ahead and drew on the “surgery markings” using my black liquid eyeliner and completed it with some red lipgloss.

My outfit consisted of 2 packets of bandages to create a boob tube, and a white bandage skirt I purchased from missguided. The bandages were a nightmare to tie on, my biggest concern was it falling off mid-twerk (Just keeping it real lool). At first it seemed to be either too tight and caused me severe breathing problems or too loose and threatened to expose all. Instead of using safety pins as planned, just tying the two ends together worked out perfectly. I was actually going to tie this up differently (going around the neck and crossing over) but I opted for this style so I could add ‘breast lift’ marking on my chest.

Finally I completed the look with the best part; using the faux blood and adding wounds to my markings. The initial plan was to use blood and liquid latex from Revolution, the high street makeup brand (£4) however it sold out before I could get my hands on it. I then had to resort to Claires Accessories  (£6) which was way brighter then the real thing, and dried up too quickly. I ended up finding a bottle at Primark (£1) which the one I used in the picture, and it was way more believable and cheaper! To create texture on the wounds, I added some cotton wool coated with the liquid latex. Once it become tacky, I smeared some of the fake blood and voila! This whole look probably took 2 hours and a half to complete from start to finish, but the majority was just applying the makeup. The whole red wig seemed to throw people off since it was kind of random with my outfit. They assumed I was dressed up as Blac Chyna which was hilarious. To be honest, It was just because I’d never worn red hair, and I wanted an excuse for it!

Anyway, that concludes the look! The dress up party was great fun although I felt like I made way more of an effort then most people. Nevertheless I’ll definitely be attending more in the future, in fact, I already have next year’s  outfit in mind!




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