I actually cannot believe how long it’s been since I last blogged! I looked at my last post and thought “well damn!” In my head it’s been a few weeks but in reality it’s closer to two months, oh dear. 

 I took some time off (both intention & unintentional) to rearrange my ideas and branding for CERRACINNA as well as focus on some important self development.  I started off my YouTube channel (Cerra Cinna) and I’m slowly building up the quality of the video as well as of the video itself. Now that I’m back I’ve got a much better idea of the direction I’d like to take with myself & branding. All I have to do now is be CONSISTENT & DISCIPLINED. Pray for me ya’ll cause it’s not easy! 

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen this picture posted before. I kinda freestyled the eye look and it came out decent. The dress is from MisGuided and comes in a few other colours. I usually go for darker shades but I knew this one would pop against my skin tone, and it turned out cuuuuh-yutttte. I’m definitely planning to do more outfit images in future, and yes to more colours. 

I’ll be blogging twice weekly now and focusing on great content. Next post will be up on Saturday and will be regarding an important subject. Till then, stay beautiful! 

– Cerra Cinna x


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