My Gym/Fitness Background (story time!)

Hey everyone,

So this post is a little (fine, more than a little) overdue, its something I’ve wanted to write about for a while but was a little unsure how I wanted to write it. Im planning to do regular posts on fitness therefore I thought it would be right to start off with a little history with fitness and working out.

My relationship with the gym kind of resembles that of a smokers first attempt with a nicotine patch. They start their journey with high hopes and enthusiasm only to crash and burn, and then kind of yo-yo for a few years until they finally get it together. It was unhealthy, inconsistent, and I lacked a lot of important knowledge that would have made things a whole lot easier.

Growing up I’ve always been on the chubby side. I used to hate working out and avoided P.E at all costs. My elder brothers would tease me and created an oh – so affectionate song to sing about my weight and then proceed to cry with laughter every time. Even my parents made little jabs here and there, it made me self conscious kid and I eventually shifted a little weight by skipping meals at school until I was considered ‘ideal’.

My first encounter with the gym was at 18 in 2010, right after having my son. Fitness First was cleverly situated right outside university and I very quickly signed up within the first week. I was absolutely obsessed with getting rid of the baby bulge and look like a actual 18 year old. I had absolutely no idea about exercise and was a little too stubborn and impatient to properly research or ask for information. In my mind, gym was really just a synonym for ‘treadmill’ sooo,  I proceeded to sprint 1 – 2 hour everyday, 7 days a week, Yep, EVERYDAY. Never glanced at a dumbbell or even once. I really don’t know what I was thinking, but I was not gonna stop until I got what I wanted (stubborn Sarah came out to play) I was just so focused. What makes it worse was that my eating habits were absolutely disgraceful. Breakfast was a chocolate bar but more often just a steady supply of oxygen. My first solid food would come at about 4/5pm and that would be crisps and other rubbish. And theeen, right after my intense cardio session, I’d experience the classic hunger pain and then stroll my little butt over to McDonalds (it was on my way home) and eat whatever I wanted, reasoning with myself that I was making up the calories that missed during the day. I mean seriously?!  What a joke I was.*cries fake real tears*

I kept it up for the first 6 months of university and upon my return home, was greeted by the look of shock and horror on my mothers and sisters face. I had lost so much weight I was basically skin and bones. As a naturally big girl, the results were striking. However, despite being told I had become way too slim, I saw something completely different. I still had a whole lot of stomach fat shift and it was the only thing I was concerned with. Eventually though, I became discouraged, I had lost all my natural curves and along with it, motivation. I finally eased off and then left the gym but for some reason kept my membership for the duration of my degree.

Fast forward 2013 I joined Pure Gym right by my house, and for the first year and a half I probably visited 4/5 times.. I know, I know, I know… Mid 2014 I got my issh together a little and devised a semi assed workout plan of weight lifting only. Although there were several breaks in between, I kept up the routine, and finally saw some gains I actually quite liked. The routine involved lots of squats, stomach crunches, several leg exercises and a few classes.

Now to the present date, I’m finally in a position where I am confident with the direction I’m heading in, I’ve gained a substantial amount of knowledge and adjusted my routine regularly and accordingly. Ive switched up my diet and frequently  read up on ways to improve my training. My biggest achievement is the consistency of training x4 days weekly and pushing myself even when I’d rather be having an apple pie in front of the TV. No matter how lazy I feel, I force myself out to the gym and kill the routine every time. Working out goes far beyond your body guys, the mental strength is the biggest reward for me. I literally becoming a new person and proving to myself that everything and anything that I put my mind to is possible.

I’m currently creating a new routine which I’m planning on posting in a few weeks or so. It’ll be a sort of  3 months boot camp series that I’ll be updating and documenting with monthly progress results. I’ll be including the full details of the routines as well as weekly diet. Ive put a lot of planning and conducted a whole a lot of research into this one and I’m super excited about starting! Check with me soon to see how it all unfolds x




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