Green Satin

 So this was the last image taken for the shoot, literally 3 minutes before it began to pour (Trust London ehn) but we managed to get a few shots by this popular graffiti walk (Brick Lane) just In time.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to post this image to begin with. Since I was at the end of a long day, I had become impatient due to the cold, sore feet, and hunger! In addition to this being my own worst critic, I can’t help but to dissect everything and I figure out a dozen things I’d quite like to change.

 However, despite the room for great improvement, somewhere, deep deep down (lol) I’m proud of myself. Yep! Just the fact that I’m finally walking towards a goal I used to just think about, made me joyous. I realised this is all part of the evolution of myself and journey, a place I can work on myself and give proof of my growth and glow up! ( yaas to that). There’s always a level 1, but unless you work through it patiently and consistently, you will never get any higher. So bring it on. Everyday I add or change something. Little moves big differences – Watch. Me, Grow.

 In just under a year from now,  I would have completely reinvented the wheel. I will be more creative. I will be more fearless. I will be unapologetic. I would have touched Just the tip of the iceberg.


Ensemble –


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