Vanity Planet Review

Hey happy people,

So I think it’s about time I write a little post on skincare and this magical little face cleanser I’ve been using for the past few months. I first purchased the ‘spin for perfect skin’ cleanser around Christmas time last year, and thanks to a typo in my address, did not receive it for about 6 weeks. Although it most definitely could have been sorted out in less time, customer service was great and I was sent a replacement immediately as soon as the issue was identified.

Prior to purchasing the cleanser, I had been eyeing it up for some time as I so desperately needed to upgrade my skin care routine (post coming soon!) In fact, a few weeks before ordering I had ordered a very cheap small and slightly shaky alternative from amazon just to hold me up in the meantime.

Initially I was torn between Vanity Planet and the very popular Clarasonic, but after many reviews, I settled for the cheaper option. What drew me to this model was the large exfoliating body brush that would be perfect for my full body weekly message’s. The pumice stone was also a great alternative to have for those much needed foot scrub we so often forget. Then of course, there are the exfoliating face brush and cleaning brush for a less harsh option that can be used day to day.

Vanity Planet1I was absolutely delighted with my skin care system when it arrived and put it into practice immediately! Now, my skin has always been pretty oily, especially around my T zone, thus I have acne prone skin and I’m susceptible to blemishes. Quite recently, I have experienced some dryer patches on my face, but I’d put this down to crazy London weather changes and most probably over exfoliation. I was convinced that an electronic face cleanser would allow my face cleanser to penetrate deeper into my pores and clearing my skin, and was the ultimate answer to a oily girls prayers.

I first tested the cleaner with the exfoliating brush, and indeed the results were immediate. I could literally feel my skin was more open, refreshed and clean. I’d compare it to that moment you have a lozenge after a long blocked nose, and your airways finally begin to clear, relief! I also enjoyed the smoothness of my skin and the squeaky clean feeling it left me with. I usually despise doing the whole face cleaning routine thing (and it showed, ha!) but i strangely enjoyed this new technique. I kept this up daily for the next 3 weeks, however, to my surprise my skin hadn’t changed that dramatically, if not, worsened.

A few google searches later, I concluded this was an effect of the “Purge Period’, the term used to describe the period which the deeper layers of the skin gets a thorough cleanse and subsequently bringing up dirt and  bacteria to the surface. During this time, its easy to become discouraged as it may begin to seem counter productive, however there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I’m glad to say this ugly phrase lasted for just under a month and then, I was able to enjoy beautiful clearer skin. Although it’s still far from perfect, my skin has remained predictable and compliant, something that I have never experienced until now.

If you are considering whether to go for an electronic brush, make sure you do your research as to whether it would be worth it for you. There are huge advantages, but of course a fair amount of disadvantages.There are many to choose from nowadays, to fit all budgets, so shopping around for one that fits your needs is a must and shouldn’t be difficult. I personally, am glad I did purchase it and would recommend it to anyone who thinks their skin care regime needs a boost! xoxo





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