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On Friday night, (well technically Saturday morning) I was scrolling through Instagram as per usual at 3am (yes, don’t ask), watching hilarious videos and spying on a few stories. I so happened to go past Cassandra Lokko’s feed and saw that she mentioned there were 5 more added tickets left for a sold out event that was actually later on that day. Wait, what? Was my first thought, what have I missed??

I first learned about the Lokko’s after their wedding video went viral (like many others) and from then on I followed them on social media and regularly watched their vlogs via YouTube. (This is the part you google (Karl Lokko if you haven’t heard of him yet.) I had already seen Karl Lokko at an event a little while ago last year which also featured Karen Civil, someone I look up to, so I definetely knew the event was destined to be a great one.

S0, a quick link brought me to eventbrite where the event was titled “LokkedIn: To your full potential, Goals and Visions Afternoon”. This was totally my kind of event, and lucky enough the extra 5 tickets were still available. The event description stated it would help you learn how to unlock your full potential and shape your future with your destiny. I loved the idea of it, but not so enthusiastic about the £35 ticket at first. Upon further inquest, I realised that proceedings  would be donated to charity, giving me more of a reason to attend. Although I would have only a few hours sleep and had to cancel a few plans, I decided even if I learn just one thing, it’ll be worth it, and boy am I glad I went!

The Event took place at 11am in Brixton, South London. We were given gift bags upon entering which contained a book called The Five Minute Journal by Alex & Mimi Ikonn,  (again, google is your friend) which I thought was fantastic!,  along with a pen and note book, a drink, sweet and popcorn, how thoughtful! The Event was hosted by Karl’s cousin (pictured), an aspiring host and radio personality and was led by both Karl and Cassandra who took it in turns to speak. The atmosphere was warm, friendly with a great energy of people ready to engage and absorb some the knowledge that was about to be dropped on how to Reconfigure our lives. I really enjoyed the couples charisma and humour, that really held my attention for the duration of the event.

I myself sat on the front row with my paper and pen, and eagerly took some notes on the things I connected to and felt I needed to put to action in my daily life. Here are four points that really stood out for me.

  1. You Have Everything You Need

We were all born with the potential of success already within us. Whenever you feel the need to blame your environment, family, friends or situation, remember that you already possess what you need to get to where you want. Start with what you have. Stop waiting for your ideal perfect moment, its all in your mind. The opportunity is there, so take it!

2. You Validate Things 

Only you decide what is worth it and what is not. Do not validate excuses, stick to your words and promises and do not let mediociry  threaten your greatness. Push yourself until others are forced find the excuses for you.

3. The Voice In Your Head Can Be Tamed

The voice can will be controlled! The voice that doubts, that instills fear, that wants you to stop and tells you your not good enough. The solution is to ignore it and keeping fighting, keeping steadily moving forwards, and just when you feel you have nothing left, you are only halfway. Sooner or later the voice grows tired, and your are left with silence, but you must keep it moving.

4. The Power Of The Tongue – Affirmations Are Key

Speaking and declaring things upon yourself is a  to success. You must be able to see yourself somewhere before it happens in reality. Imagine, feel and be grateful for it. Repeat it to yourself until you have absolute no shadow of a doubt on what you want and who you are. Protect it and chase away snakes that try to threaten it.


(Karl and Cassandra Pictured)

This year lets try to reconfigure ourselves. First we must receive information, and then use information. As long as we are consistent, believe and keep out goals in view, great things are bound to happen.

There’ll be lots more events coming from me on the blog, as this year I plan to network more and do some major growing. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this one, till next time!






















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