Happiness is…

Today I was inspired by a special person to talk about ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ and our personal meanings we associate with it.


By definition, we all believe we have a suitable meaning to the word, most of us will automatically think something like ‘happy’ or ‘joy’, but what really is happiness to you? Quite recently a series of events  caused me to question my own definition of the word. I needed to give it a meaning that was unique to me instead of the generic term that left me rather unsatisfied. I had so many questions I have never really asked myself before.

Is happiness a journey or more of a destination? Can Happiness be shared equally? What determines how long it lasts for.. or doesn’t it? I felt like I need to conduct a little research and allow myself some time to think about what I wanted happiness to mean to me. Should happiness be wrapped around in all sorts of things, or perhaps be equally shared between a few important ones? Surely true happiness doesn’t bounce like a yo-yo, but rather should be constant and unwavering.

So, after a little snoop online, findings from my research determined that;

” A “happy person” experiences the spectrum of emotions just like anybody else, but the frequency by which they experience the negative ones may differ. It could be that “happy people” don’t experience as much negative emotion because they process it differently or they may find meaning in a way others have not. In fact, using the phrase “happy person” is probably incorrect because it assumes that they are naturally happy or that positive things happen to them more often. Nobody is immune to life’s stressors, but the question is whether you see those stressors as moments of opposition or moments of opportunity.” –https://www.psychologytoday.com

The passage led me believe that happiness is actually maybe really just an attitude, and it’s up to us how we decide to perceive things. We have a choice to see things as an opposition an opportunity, after all, Mr Happy (the yellow smiley face cartoon) is just a fictional character. But, does maintaing  a positive attitude really bring happiness overall?

I think the fundamentals of this are true, we have the power to decide what we allow to have power over us. But ultimately, you must still decide on your own, where do you seek your strength and inspiration when your own will power and drive fails, what makes you smile when things around you seem to crumble and fall apart. Having a clear idea is a useful tool for self development and growth.

After more thought, I finally jotted down a few things that I felt summed up happiness for me in a nutshell. Here goes;


Happiness is.. Excepting and loving who I am unconditionally.

Happiness is.. steadily striving towards my own potential and greatness.

Happiness is.. knowing my creator has a plan for me, and knowing he will never let me down.

Happiness is.. Giving back to those in need.

Happiness is.. being honest with what I want and being okay with it.

Happiness is.. maintaining a positive attitude and looking for opportunities in life’s daily challenges.


Your happiness should never be put into people or objects, but rather a higher being/spirit if you are religious,and yourself. I also choose to believe that happiness is not a destination, but a lifestyle that needs to be practiced regularly, better yet daily, just like exercise for the body. I challenge everyone to sit and write a few sentences to your own definition of what happiness is to you.



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