Julia’s Place – The Masquerade Palette


I was super excited to be greeted by a black rectangular parcel on saturday morning, and as I ripped of the like a kid on christmas day, I swear I literally screamed of happiness when I spotted the pink that packages of the beautiful Masquarade palette. I had been trying to get my hands on this for the longest, even though its been out for a while. I eventually got lucky when www.lustre-cosmetics.co.uk restocked, and despite being super slow checking out, managed to bag this before they sold out again. Juvia’s place also does a few other palettes, The nubian (green), The nubian 2 (yellow) and this one in a mini version. I haven’t tried any of the others, the bright colours on The Masquerade is what really attracted me to the brand.

If you are yet to purchase this palette, I really think its worth the wait.The colours are absolutely gorgeous, and compliments those with dark compleetions beautifully. With a mix of shimmer and matte finishes, they blend easily and are highly pigmented. This is hands down, my favourite palette to date, from the nubian package theme to the shades and finish, this is totally my style. I’ve done some of my own swatches below, and should add I used a primer from sleek first to really let the colours pop.

If you live in the UK, head over to www.lustre-cosmetics.co.uk to purchase your own, I suggest you keep an eye on their instagram to let you know whenever they restock. Alternatively, head over to www.juviasplace.com to order directly from the manufacturer.







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